UP KNÖRTH Philosophy

Up Knörth is a lifestyle brand dedicated to quality products for the outdoor minded adventurer. Our products, partnerships and collaborations are geared towards the same goal; to showcase unique, small-batch, well designed products that are practical, durable and sustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to blend style, durability and functionality with the rugged outdoors (and a hint of Scandinavian minimalism) and transfer this philosophy to the urban lifestyle. 

We hold true to the environment and pride ourselves in using only natural materials - no plastics, polyesters or nylons - unless they're post-consumer recycled. We both source and manufacture items that are long lasting, sustainable and well-designed.

The Nordic Influence 

The rugged Pacific Northwest that we call home fuels a seemingly incompatible passion for clean, minimalist Nordic design. For us, the simplicity of the mountains and cleanliness of nature is reflected in pure, simple design, using natural materials.  

Humans are disappearing from the outdoors at a rate that would make them top any conservationist's list of endangered species. - Tim Gill