Weatherproof Fire Striker

Weatherproof Fire Striker


Inspired by the 'mild' rain in the Pacific Northwest. We now give you the advantage of a 3,000°C spark that makes fire-starting that much easier in any weather - wet or dry.

The dependable functionality of a fire striker is a favourite tool of survivalists, hunters, fishermen and campers. Makes for a great tool to have on-hand in cabins and backyards. Works equally well when wet.

USE: Move the back of a blade slowly downwards across the metal (iron alloy) generating sparks. Catch the sparks on the char cloth (included) that is used to hold the spark. Your fire can then be delicately built on top - starting with thin tinder and gradually increasing to a fully established fire. 

Materials: Ferrocerium (pyrophoric iron alloy with cerium) and hand carved locally reclaimed Walnut.

This kit includes a burlap bag that can be used as fire tinder, jute, recycled denim char cloth and a reclaimed walnut or maple fire striker.   

Handmade in Vancouver, BC. 

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