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SPOT Global Satellite Messenger

The wilderness may be beautiful; but don't be fooled - It is not forgiving. No matter how experienced you may be in the backcountry, the more precautions you take when venturing into remote territory, the better. Always tell someone where you are going, carry a map, compass and adequate survival equipment. We go one step farther and carry a SPOT Satellite Messenger. The SPOT system is primarily designed for remote emergency help; at the push of a button SPOT immediately sends the nearest emergency responders your GPS location for SOS rescue. Several models are available for purchase, from standard to fully-loaded devices that can include a fully functional satellite phone, text messaging systems, GPS trail tracking, compass, weather forecasting and even e-mail options. We fully believe in self-reliant survival skills. But should something go wrong, we don't disagree with using the full-blown benefits of modern technology to save a life. 

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Craftsman's Apron

Hands heal; your clothes don't. Handmade for the working man. The Craftsman Apron is tailored to suit the needs of all who make products or use their hands - from bakers and gardeners to mechanics and woodworkers. Hanging just above the knee it allows for free-flowing movement for whatever work needs doing. Handcrafted in Michigan with 10.10oz 100% US Cotton Waxed Canvas by Mercy Leather Work.

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Measures 32.5" x 26.5" | Watch it made


Arara Nomade : Minimalist Storage

For the modern-day nomad - An ingenious design that quite literally allows you to carry a portable, easy-to-assemble storage unit. Great for travel, cabin living and everyday use. The Arara Nomade Folding Closet requires no glue, screws or complex instructions to assemble; and it is effortlessly dismantled with all the pieces fitting into the storage base for easy travel. More so, the wooden finish and five colour options make it easy to integrate into any living space, be it a home, cabin or guest space. Made in Brazil by designers André Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben.

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Filson Original Hunting Vest : Field Test

For one year we are going to test the rugged durability of the Filson Original Hunting Vest. Wearing it daily, whether in the field or city, we will challenge this piece to take on any and every situation; from rain to snow to Vancouver summers, hunting, fishing and city wear. Every month we will post an update on how we are wearing it in, and more importantly how it is holding up. Follow the adventure or test your own vest at

9 Gifts For The Knörthern Father

Get outdoors this fathers day. Our top ideas for the Knörthern dad:

1. The Scout Field Bed: Best used by the fire, under the stars. Feel like a cowboy - Cinch the organic canvas denim bed to the back of your pack or motorcycle and camp virtually anywhere.

2. Special Forces 'Desert Eagle' Casing Cufflinks: For hostile corporate take-overs. Guaranteed he doesn't have these.

3. Filson Goatskin Gloves: For the dad that does it all. Shooters, drivers and ranchers alike. 

4. How to Stay Alive In The Woods by Bradford Angier: An indispensable manual for anyone venturing into the great outdoors; teaching you how to catch game without a gun, what plants to eat and not to eat, how to build shelters and much more.

5. Reclaimed Whiskey Dock: For iPhone 5. A stylish, sustainable alternative to offshore mass productions. Handmade from genuine oak whiskey barrels.

6. Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker: All meals are better on an open fire. Perfect for rustic cooking in the backyard, or in the back of your truck for luxury camping.

7.  Filson Oil Finish Shot-Shell Bag: Just as good as carrying beer as it is his bird loads.

8. Kletterwerks Hip-Flip: A modern-day rendition of the retro fanny pack. Twice as big; making it perfect for holding your survival kit in the wilderness, fishing gear on the river or camera equipment where every he may be.

9. The Original Filson Hunting Vest: An heirloom sure to be passed back down to you. A tool for the experienced hunter; motivation to hunt for the inexperienced. As comfortable in the woods as it is in the pourhouse. 


Second Skin : Working Gloves

Years of toil and hard fieldwork, hunting, wood splitting or whatever it may be makes any mans hands rough like canvas. Though to some it's a badge of honour, no man should be without a good pair of reliable gloves. Leather especially has a long history as one of the most effective (and comfortable) ways to protect yourself from injury. From modern day biker jackets all the way back to the boiled leather armour worn by the Vikings, leather has been synonymous with protection. Break them in and they become a second skin.

Filson Original Goatskin Gloves

"Grandpa Jakes" Campfire Cooker

Handcrafted in the mountains of North Idaho, this heavy-duty campfire cooker was inspired by the cowboy lifestyle, with a call for great food served up on the grill. The design is entirely gravity bound, with easy set up and compact, portable takedown. Made to move up and down at 360˚ degrees in any direction for easy movement. The Campfire Cooker comes with two handheld “campfire remotes”; these remotes help move the grates, arms, and hooks where you need them, so you never touch anything hot. Extremely durable and weight resistant; perfect for dutch over cooking, large pots of smokey bean chilli or even a pot of mulled wine to warm up in the winter. Includes 2 cooking grates, 1 hook arm, 1 ground rod and 2 campfire remotes. Made in the USA from hot rolled steel.

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Meet Earl : A Survivalist Extraordinaire

Over the past decade backcountry GPS tech hasn’t kept up to pace with the grow rate of the IT industry. Meet Earl; serviceable where your smart phone and tablet are out of their element. Earl's intuitive design fuses Android 4.1 together with an energy efficient E-Ink screen and the latest in GPS, weather sensors and radio communication technology. When adventuring in the backcountry one always should take note, and respect, that nature is the one in control. This is why generations of explorers and adventurers have taken every step to prepare for the elements. The E-Ink screen provides detailed TOPO maps that are easy to read in the sun or black of night while on board weather station combine with the GPS to give you accurate, on-the-fly forecasts. A radio transponder and receiver allows you to listen to your favorite stations, reports, or send distress messages. Even though Earl sips on the battery life charging is done via a laminated solar panel that provides up to 20 hours of battery life that fully charges in 5 hours (direct sunlight). Water, dust, shock, mud-proof. Earl is IP67 rated, allowing full submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, is reliable in temperatures between 0-50 °C. and altitudes up to 40,000 feet. Right now designers are raising funds for this project; Pledge now and you will receive a 30% discount.