Window Farms : Urban Farming


Craving some ripe tomatoes for your salad? Fresh herbs? Or just like to garden but don't have the space? Whether you have 1000sqft or 1000acres, Window Farms is the way to have convenient access to nutrient-spiked vegetables picked right off the vine as you cook. The key to the Window Farms success is the hydroponics system, and a design that looks like we're ready to step into the next generation. Grow your own vegetables in the kitchen and feel safe in the fact that there are no GMO's, chemicals or pesticides. Because of this hydroponic system you are able to obtain produce that has the perfect amount of nutrients making it ripe as you pick. Because you are growing indoors you have the ability to choose from a variety of plants which may not necessarily grow in your climate normally. Instead of having your produce trucked in, just extend your arm.

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