When Winter Calls; Make Plum Wine


When falls rolls in almost anywhere and everywhere you can find ripe, juicy plums. Unfortunately, they don't last long. An old, traditional way to preserve fruits is to make wine; luckily it also helps you wash down the winter blues.

All you need is: 

2 lbs. red plums (preferably on the smaller side)
1 cup org. cane sugar
1 750-ml. bottle of vodka or other clear, flavorless spirit
A large glass jar or container with a tight fitting lid

Wash the plums well, and layer them in the jar with sugar. Pour your vodka over and put the lid on, storing in a cool, dark place. For the next few days, give your wine-to-be a little shake to make sure all the sugar is dissolving. You’ll want to wait at least 3 months before diving in, 6 if you can. At this point you’ll want to refrigerate it, where it will keep indefinitely. The longer it sits, the more complex the flavours get, changing from light and delicately fruity, to a deep and sherry-like. Can be sipped it on the rocks, or mixed with a little sparking water. It's no merlot, but it'll keep you warm.


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