Vancouver's 'Local Garden'


Vancouver has opted to be one of the 'greenest' cities by 2020, and is taking several steps in the right direction. The city will be host to North America's first VertiCrop Urban Farming System, located on a downtown rooftop parking lot at 535 Richards Street. The aim is to bring Vancouver back to a time when over 80 percent of its food was local. The fresh produce, sold under the brand 'Local Garden' will be transported directly to local markets, grocers and restaurant - significantly reducing the city's carbon footprint. Most of the growing will take place in the 4000-square-foot greenhouse area with 3000 growing trays stacked 12 layers high, all using hydroponic growing technologies. The leafy greens, herbs and fruits will be grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or GMO's. This VertiCrop facility expects to produce 150,000 pounds of green produce annually, claiming "VertiCrop’s high-density urban farming is an effective way to grow nutritious food using fewer land and water resources than traditional field-farming methods." 

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