The Urban Cultivator


If you crave fresh greens but don't have the time or space, the Urban Cultivator should be first on your list. Literally, bring the garden to your kitchen. It's minimal maintenance/maximum results concept makes it perfect for modern urban lifestyles, and lets you grow anything from basil and arugula to wheatgrass, oregano and even hot peppers.The Urban Cultivator has preprogrammed optimal growing cycles that automatically control the watering and lighting of your garden, while maintaining the perfect humidity and moisture using the latest hydroponic technology.

This smart, modern design takes up no more space than a dishwasher and has the same overall carbon footprint as your regular washing appliance. This home cultivator comes in two sizes - residential and commercial - and is suitable for both moderate and extreme growing enthusiasts. Just choose your favourite organic seeds and you will have fresh greens at your fingertips in no time. 

Retail : $2,200

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