Urban Hunters


To us harvesting wild meat isn't for the thrill of the hunt, but rather knowing where your food is coming from and what is going into it. We are from a generation that portrays the image of hunting as the need for the thirst and thrill of the kill; to solely claim their trophy. The true origins of hunting were, and in our opinion should still be,  centred around a need to live respectfully alongside nature, take what you need, be it gathering or hunting, and use every last piece thoroughly and efficiently. Industry is feeding Western society; Literally animals are stuck in (for lack of a better word) cramped feed lots, force fed GMO crop and injected with hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive. These same animals are corralled to slaughter and shrink wrapped with a sticker that makes you believe you are eating 'natural' and sustainable product. The way food animals are raised is unhealthy and unmoral, and it is this fact that has been responsible for a rising interest in the number of people turning their heads to hunting. It seems that going back to basics is the only true and sure way to obtain 'natural' anything. This new generation of 'Urban Hunters' are also the new 'Urban Growers' - that grow food not for show, but for concern and lack of trust from the food industry as a whole. One of the primary arguments against hunting is taking the life of an animal; an argument that can be countered by observing how most farmed animals are kept. Death is a cycle of life; eat or be eaten. There is no need to waste, but there will always be a need to live. The reality of it is we need very little, if any, meat and one or two large hunts can last a family for a majority of the year. Bear in mind the sometimes harsh reality of the cycle of life, and that almost no animal dies from old age in the wild but is killed because it becomes weak.