Undercover Camper : Nikolai Sorensen Design

Over the past 20 years the perception of the two-man tent has depreciated from a highly valued piece of camping equipment to a cheap, throw-away, disposable item. A quick look at the aftermath of any music festival provides proof of this, where it is predicted that 1 in 5 tents are left behind, destined for landfill.

By drawing inspiration from the past, the Under Cover Camper was designed to place the value back into the tent by promoting sustainability, style, longevity, and quality. This quality is a direct result of using only the highest quality materials. The marine ply frame and canvas fly contribute to making the tent extremely strong and waterproof, while the brass and leather trim conveys a sense of style. While providing durability, the Under Cover Camper also offers flexibility to adapt to the needs of the camper. During the hottest hours of the day, the front wall can be unzipped and rolled up, transforming it into the ultimate sun shelter. The tent is not yet available on the market. At this stage it is a tool to be used to raise awareness about the disposable nature of the camping industry and for people to think twice before they buy or throw away their tents.

by Nikolai Sorensen Design