Mobile Ice Fishing Hut With Walls Of Ice

Called “Unavailability” and designed in Norway by Gartnerfuglen, the shack is completely portable and can be erected in just 30 seconds by one or two people. It has a timber frame and chicken wire cladding that is filled up with lake water to create ice walls, which provide shelter for a single inhabitant while they fish.

The Norwegian design firm called their project Unavailability because the shack is designed to give a single person some much-needed isolation from the wired world – even if just for a brief sojourn. The tiny structure can be outfitted with bare essentials and Gartnerfuglen hopes that climbing plants will creep up the sides of it during the summer months.

This by nature for nature project is just one in a long stream of minuscular buildings that offer busy people a moment of peace and solitude.

Photography by Gartnerfuglen