A Play On Reflection; Cabin 'Trompe-l’Oeil'

Sitting quietly in the forested area of the Canadian Great Lakes lies the House 'Trompe-l’Oeil'. A small family cottage designed by Irene Chan Gardpoit and Eiri Ota, of Uufie Architects. The building, while maintaining a pure, minimalist interior bends the dwellers perception of space. The designer duo put strong emphasis on different structural elements; playing on reflections, depths and transparencies.  There is a beautiful contrast that lies in the home itself and the rugged wilderness filled with dense thickets of pine and birch trees. 


The interior is punctuated by various living spaces spread smoothly on the ground floor. The sharp A-frame on the upper floor has been crafted into a small loft. The walls of this room follow the lines through the roof: The steep incline makes it an 'unconventional' location; inducing a form of creativity in terms of how to use this space. From the outside, this piece appears to us as if suspended above the terrace as mirrored walls surround the ground floor exterior; showcasing nothing but the trees around. Many openings dot the structure: the windows and pierced the roof lead the eye towards the nearby forest and let in the most important element of the house, light.

Another design element was incorporating a set of materials to blend the house to its environment; a game where the outside becomes the inside, and vice versa. The exterior cedar planks, dark steel roof and reflective plates blend to the tones of the thick forest, while the interior shines with white tones, glass and faded wood. 

Photos : Naho Kubota