The Urban Chicken

WIlliams-Sonoma Cedar Coop With Planter

WIlliams-Sonoma Cedar Coop With Planter

Just like urban farming, urban chickens are increasing in cities world-wide. Raising chickens provides you with fresh, organic eggs at literally a hands reach away; as well as a refreshing sense of self-reliance. Your chickens are what you feed them, and as happy and healthy as you make them. Before owning chickens, it is important to take into consideration the responsibility, cost and municipal by-laws for each community. There is a relatively high level of commitment necessary; chickens can live up to twelve years. They require at least 3-4 square feet per chicken to roam inside and out, as well as heated conditions for colder months. Chickens, being very social are best kept in groups of at least three; solo chickens tend to die from stress. Buying pre-sexed day-old chicks is best; and they must be kept near a constant heat source of 30 C as they grow; for at least one-two months. When all this is done, your hens can move to the outdoor coop and can expect the first eggs after about 4 months. As for feed, chickens thrive off grass, insects and worms, fresh kitchen scraps, cornmeal, oatmeal and raw fruits and veggies. 

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