The Farmery

Ben Greene, artist and engineer, has opted to step up to the challenge of meeting the growing needs for local food by creating an integrated retailing and growing system. This 'neighbourhood urban farm' has the capacity to provide customers a complete diet ranging from fish, to mushrooms, herbs and a variety of greens, while also consistently experimenting with new and different crops. It is constructed using stacked shipping containers situated alongside a large, central greenhouse, and offers a variety of vertical growing gardens, U-pick areas and mushroom containers, all watered on a aquaponic/hydroponic system, and use lady bugs as a natural form of pest control. The organic produce is grown in hopes to sell not only to local families, but to also supply surrounding restaurants and eateries with prices that beat current organic supermarkets. The Farmery hopes to redefine the shopping experience and replace the concept of a supermarket with a 'super-greenhouse'.

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