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Make Your Own Tabasco-Ish Hot Sauce

With grilling season coming closer an extensive homemade hot sauce supply is essential. This recipe aims to replicate the original Tabasco recipe, however leaving room to add your own personal flare. You can substitute the Tabasco peppers for any fresh peppers you prefer. The Tabasco sauce is a fermented hot sauce, meaning the flavour comes from extracting the liquid from red-ripe peppers.

  • Cut off the stems of your peppers, and grind them into a fine mash. Place your pepper mash into a ceramic or glass container. 
  • Add 1 1/2 tsp of salt for every cup of mashed peppers (the salt helps balance flavours and extract water) Mix in the salt and pack the mash down to the bottom of the container - as the water seeps out it should cover the pepper mash and prevent it from being exposed to air, which is key to proper fermentation.

Allow your mash to ferment, about one month allowing the flavours to complexify. Store at room temperature, covered with a cloth. After about 3-4 weeks add white wine vinegar to taste (about 1/4 cup vinegar per 1 cup pepper mash) and let age for another week. Your sauce is ready - Strain the seeds to your personal desired texture - you to control the amount of pulp left in your sauce, we like to leave some seeds in for an extra kick. Store in air-tight bottles - can keep for several months on the counter.