Leek Blossom
What's a leek?

What's a leek?

Tired of using the same ingredients and herbs? Leek blossoms add a fresh spice to your salad while also spiking up the nutritional value.Leeks are full of vitamins, protiens and fibers and have been cultivated since 3000 B.C by the ancient Egyptians. Just sprinkle some Leek blossom seed pods over any greens to give a sweet onion flavour. 

Fresh factor? Nutrition per 100g of leek: 

  • 1.5g protein 
  • 1.8g dietary fiber
  • 18% RDI of Vitamin B
  • 14% RDI of Vitamin C
  • 45% RDI of Vitamin K
  • 16% RDI of 2.1mg Iron
  • 28 mg Magnesium
  • 35 mg Phosphorus

Find yours at your local farmers market vendor.

Local Vancouver Farmers Markets : Summer 2012

Need a break from the regular supermarket? Go green(er) and switch over to the Farmers Markets of your city. Reduce your carbon footprint, eat organic at a more reasonable price and support local farmers.

Here's a list of 2012 Farmers Markets in Vancouver, BC:

Kitsilano Farmers Market - Sundays 10am to 2pm - May 20 to October 21 

West End Farmers Market 1100 Block Comox Street - Saturdays 9am to 2pm - June 2 to October 20

Trout Lake Farmers Market - Saturdays 9am to 2pm - May 12 to October 20

Main Street Station Market at Thorton Park - Wednesday 3pm to 7pm - June 6 to October 3

Lonsdale Quay Farmers Market - Saturdays 10am to 3pm - May 25 to October 27

Ambleside Farmers Market - Sundays 10am to 3pm - May 6 to October 28

Burnaby Farmers Market - Saturdays 9am to 2pm - May 5 to October 27


Be sure to check out Gastown's Farmers Market opening August 2nd. Every Sunday 11am to 3pm.

And if you're passing through Squamish this summer, don't miss their Artisan Market with locally grown food, art and more. Saturdays 10am to 3pm - May 12 to October 27