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Turkaffe; Norwegian Hiking Coffee
Shot by  benchandcompass

For many people, going hiking without the equipment necessary to make a pot of coffee is tantamount to heresy. Norwegian Turkaffe - literally hiking coffee - is one of the oldest coffee traditions northerners have. Normally prepared outside over an open fire or gas burner, it is an almost ritualized part of any hiking experience. Some of us might share this relationship with our morning coffee, a small ritual, unspokenly cherished.   

Shot by  americayall

Shot by americayall

In recent years the act of physically preparing your own coffee is resurfacing, and Turkaffe is no exception. Coffee in general (Fika) is an important aspect of Nordic cultures; for many of the same reasons we love it here in North America. Coffee breaks are associated with socialization, relaxation and a time of the day to sit back and refuel. The same principles apply while brewing a fresh pot of coffee mountainside; whether alone or with others it provides an opportunity to sit down, reflect, relax and offer a hot cup of fresh brew to fellow hikers. 

Image by Misha Rudnikov

Image by Misha Rudnikov

The essentials; A pot and coarsely ground coffee and a few mugs. A gas burner is optional, Turkaffe can be equally well brewed over an open flame. Simply boil the water, pour in the coffee, let it steep until the coffee is ready and serve. 

Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally - 10,000 miles of the most remote terrain on the planet; in a car your granny would be ashamed of. The rules are simple: Start from London, England and make your way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - tackling the world's worst roads with an engine size under 1 .2litre (or 125cc motor bike). Choose between paths that plummet through Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan, rise up north through the Arctic Circle or surge straight through Central Asia - what happens en-route is anyones guess. Each team is required to raise a minimum of $1,500.00, to be spilt between the Official Cool Earth Charity as well as any other charities of your choice. At the end of the rally, cars will be donated to the citizens of Mongolia. The warning? You are on your own.

Sign Up : Summer 2013