Swiss Army EvoWood Series

Photo Courtesy Of Old Faithful Shop

Photo Courtesy Of Old Faithful Shop

The original Swiss Army Knife was designed to assist military personnel on the field, disassembling rifles and cutting wires. With the addition of a few extra features, Wenger has set the stage for a classic product that has lasted over one hundred years. Recently, the Swiss Army manufacturers have had sustainability in mind, and introduced the EvoWood series of pocket knives made from the highest quality Swiss grown walnut that would otherwise have been discarded. The knives range from the 5-use function EvoWood 81 to the 17-use EvoWood S557, yet are all equipped with a natural wood handle that is carved out to easily fit the contours of the hand. No piece of wood is the same - the rich dark grains and individual patterns make each knife a unique piece. 

Retail $60.00 -$160.00

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