Starting Your Waterfowl Hunting Dog


Familiarize With Open Fields & Heavy Bush: A young dog can easily be over intimidated by large open spaces, and heavily covered bush areas - which are common spaces from which you could expect to hunt. Let your pup run free in these areas from a young game - getting familiar with the noises, shadows as well as chasing field birds helps drive predatory instinct.  

Waterwork: Whether hunting on land or in water, every dog will come into contact with water at some point or another. Proper introduction to water and swimming at an early age will strongly benefit in the long run.

Sit & Stay: Although these are basic and cliché dog commands, they serve as fundamental commands for more complex hunting situations. 

Scent: Keep frozen pheasant feathers or duck wings as a tool to train and help develop their sense of smell. Use these in combination with duck decoys to familiarize your puppy with waterfowl.

Gunshot Field Practice: A dos that is trained only in theory may not perform as well on the field. Target shooting and familiarizing your dog with the sound of a firearm is essential. Introduction to the presence of guns will prepare your dog for actual hunting situations.