SPOT Global Satellite Messenger


The wilderness may be beautiful; but don't be fooled - It is not forgiving. No matter how experienced you may be in the backcountry, the more precautions you take when venturing into remote territory, the better. Always tell someone where you are going, carry a map, compass and adequate survival equipment. We go one step farther and carry a SPOT Satellite Messenger. The SPOT system is primarily designed for remote emergency help; at the push of a button SPOT immediately sends the nearest emergency responders your GPS location for SOS rescue. Several models are available for purchase, from standard to fully-loaded devices that can include a fully functional satellite phone, text messaging systems, GPS trail tracking, compass, weather forecasting and even e-mail options. We fully believe in self-reliant survival skills. But should something go wrong, we don't disagree with using the full-blown benefits of modern technology to save a life. 

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