Set Up Camp Like A Wolf


Think like a wild animal here; they know how to pick the right spot to sleep. If you know what to look for, you'll find yourself at the perfect campsite. The process is a matter of finding the perfect blend of what the spot has and what it's lacking (rarely will you find them all together). So then, what to look for:

Small, flat (dry) surface to pitch your tent

A slight slant will make sleeping that much more luxurious; head uphill

A view that makes you never want to leave 

Know who your neighbours are; Look for signs of wildlife, and make sure you don't get in each other's way 

Good water within 100 yards; if you plan of fishing look for signs of aquatic life 

An area sheltered from the harshest winds; Yet not so dense that bugs call it home

Nearby tree trunks to anchor a tarp (if needed), and/or hang your meat if hunting 

A good supply of firewood sourcing nearby 

Extra points for logs that double as benches 

Animals generally circle around several times before setting themselves down in their spot; this is to verify that there is no danger coming from any direction. Metaphorically speaking, you should always do the same.