Scandinavian Mindset; Nordic Interiors


Nordic interiors. Blocks, blacks and neutrals. Something about these Scandi interiors distinctly make us think fall. Probably due to the wood burning stove that never fails to make an appearance in traditional nordic homes, always placed as a focal point in the room. Think about it as the Scandinavian equivalent to a 'big screen TV'. The few touches of wood here and there (and the play on contrasting woods of different colour and texture) also warm up any space; something typical (and typically necessary) in Nordic homes. Characteristic is also light hints of black; Whatever it may be, a couch, a blanket or wall frame. These hints of black add just enough seriousness and elegance to a space, without making it feel cold and unwelcoming. What's more - when you're playing with so many textures - woods, leather, porcelain, fur, and glass - Less is so much more. No need for overdecorating or space cluttering. These textures and simple shapes come together so simply that you need not worry. Just grab a glass of something soothing and sit by the crackling fire.