How To : Salvaged Wood Tea-Light Centrepiece


In tribute to Thanksgiving weekend; a good rustic table centrepiece. People tend to over-complicate things, forgetting the long-abandonded saying 'less is more.' Natural wood speaks for itself, a rustic beauty that conveniently matches a hearty Thanksgiving turkey. You'll need, an 'interesting' piece of wood - for those lacking creativity, the knottier, more twisted - the better. Once you've gathered your wood, brush it off of all debris, and let it dry (if needed). Now, all you'll need is a 1.5 inch (3.8cm) drill bit (found at your hardware store) and either a hand drill (better for soft woods) or a drill press or a friend who as both. Average tea lights are about .63 inches (1.6cm) high - so when you drill, make sure you go just about the depth of half the height of the candle you are using. This way, when lit you will not be risking catching the wood on fire.