Sky Planter Recycled


If the world continues to grow as it is doing, in just over a decade, more than half of the population will live in densely populated urban environments. Boskke is leading the change to naturally improve city life with evolved gardening gear that is easy to use and stylish to look at. Living with plants becomes effortless with the sky planter urban gardening range that works indoors and out, in spaces large and small. The Sky Planter comes in a variety of colours, however the transparent Sky Planter allows you to witness the dynamics of plant growth with the soil and water entirely visible. A float-stick indicates the water level and two fixed-length hanging wires come included with each planter. Ideal for growing ferns, orchids, fennel, mint, parsley, strawberries and basil - but the growing possibilities are endless to choose from. Each Sky Planter Recycled product uses Slo-flo irrigation technology and is made entirely from recycled plastics.

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