Wenger Portable Solar Charger


For years, Wenger has been famous for their Swiss Army Knives. Recently, they have started expanding their product line and introduced a series of Portable Solar Chargers. These chargers are equipped with polycrystalline solar panels, a high capacity lithium ion battery that stores the generated energy in under 5 hours and come with a USB connector for on-the-go charging. Wenger offers these chargers in three varieties - a 6.75-watt 6 panel charger, taking 5 hours to charge to full, a 4.5-watt 4 panel charger and a 2.25-watt 2 panel charger. The panels fold up, and have added straps to integrate easily into your backpack, tent, car or anything you might travel with. Buyers can add an LED light attachment, as well as a 5-tip charging adaptor to create solar powered energy for smartphones, GPS devices, music speakers etc. They're portable, usable and foldable - almost as versatile as the legendary pocketknife. 

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