Organic Wines : You Are What You Drink


The charm of most vineyards is meticulous and pristine order. An organic vineyard can be conspicuously different, with wild and unruly vines raising more than a few eyebrows. Nonetheless, organic winemaking is becoming an increased trend world wide. Eating organic is a defined lifestyle, and more people are now also turning to what they drink. Organic winemakers restrict artificial additives such as yeasts and sulphites and the wines are made from organically grown grapes, without use of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or any other artificial interventions. Several of these vineyards aim to create a natural biodiversity, and now have poppies, carrots, cilantro and clover sprouting up among the grapevines - the idea behind this concept is all about finding plants the pests prefer. And for no true reason, some wines labeled 'organic' have also been labeled with a poor reputation, having caused producers of high-end wines to avoid the term, though still in essence organic. Regardless, the simplicity of this is all is that instead of controversial chemicals the grapes thrive in balanced vineyards that sustain themselves.  

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