Pomegranate Salt


A perfect addition to savoury salads, roast meats or add a festive - salty - touch to brownies, cookies or cakes. The bright red (very natural) colour of the pomegranate is perfect for the Christmas season. If salty is not on your palate, this recipe can be done to create 'pomegranate sugar sprinkles' using crystal sugar instead of salt flakes. 


You'll need:

Maldon salt (or another flaky salt, or large sugar crystals)

Pomegranate juice, organic (preferably fresh)

Either get pomegranate juice from when you cut a pomegranate in half, from crushing some pomegranate arils (seeds), or store-bought pomegranate juice.

Use a spoon or pastry brush to splatter a piece of parchment paper with a little pomegranate juice. Sprinkle a few table spoons of salt over parchment paper and use a fork to gently stir. Splash on a bit more pomegranate juice if needed. Stir until all the salt is coated. Spread out out carefully over the piece of parchment paper and leave to dry.

Once dried, store in a small jar or bowl.

Recipe and photography done by food blogger Top With Cinnamon