Organic DIY Raw Energy Nuggets

 Photo done by Simply Dish

Photo done by Simply Dish

While most grocery stores offer their own stock of energy bars, gels, capsules, drinks etc. we find it ever more disheartening to read the ingredient list. Real energy doesn't require chemicals, artificial colours or 'no-calorie sweeteners' (talk about defeating the purpose). When you're out - whether it's hiking, a day at work, exercising or exploring the rugged wilderness - it is always a good idea to have an extra source of energy when you need it. Think protein and carbohydrates together - exactly what these energy nuggets offer. 

1/4c of organic peanut butter (almond butter works too, or a combination of them both)

6tbsp of organic brown rice syrup

1tbsp of blackstrap molasses

1/2c of raw, unsweetened cacao (chocolate) power 

1/4c of flax seeds

1/4 sunflower seeds 

1/4c of organic hemp seeds

1/4c of organic chopped almonds and/or pistachio 

- If you like your coffee add 3 tbsp of ground coffee beans for a kick

Heat the peanut butter, rice syrup and molasses in a pot over low heat. Once combined and smooth add in the cacao powder. Mix continuously until the powder dissolves. Now, add in your liquid mix to a separate bowl containing the nuts and seeds - Mix it all together. More often than not, in this scenario your hands are your best tool. Add the mix to a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Wet your fingers slightly and smooth the surface. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours before you slice. Slice, and store until ready for consumption. 

Recipe inspired from: Simply Dish