Stock Up : Organic Dehydrated Packaged Foods


Inspired by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes worldwide, these packaged organic dehydrated foods are an essential component of any pantry, cellar or backpack. Simple, nutritious and considerably gourmet for any emergency situation, you are only required to pour boiling water (cold water variations available too) into the lightweight pouches, wait 7-9 minutes depending on brand, and enjoy a warm meal. The box-bottom allows the pouch to stand while 'cooking', and can also be used as a bowl when dishes are out of question. The packages are small and compact, on average spanning 7" by 9" and can be stored in bulk or stacked at the bottom of your pack. Meals such as Pasta Alfredo, Spinach Puttanesca and Peasant Tomato Soup are sure to take the edge off of whatever situation you're in.

We recommend Mary Janes Farm Organic Dehydrated Foods or Backpackers Pantry Organic