Cigar Box Shaving Kit by OrangeFuzz


You can eat and wear organic and natural, but what about your facial hair? Orangefuzz handcrafts one of a kind customizable grooming kits, soaps and more using only the best premium, natural, environmentally friendly, vegan and organic ingredients. Each kit comes in an upcycled wooden cigar box and contains a 4.5 oz Shaving Soap made with Sierra Nevada Stout Beer to moisturize and condition skin, Spiced After Shave using organic aloe vera, a Deluxe Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush and your choice of a 5 oz body soap - you can choose from Absinthe Soap, Bergamot & Cypress Wheat Ale Beer Soap, Guinness with Cedarwood Beer Soap and Douglas Fir Soap, to name a few. 

Kits start at $55.00

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