Modern Mountain Tree House; By Bengo Studio

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House is located in the region of Xining County. The exterior of the structure is completely clad in timber, focusing on a seamless camouflage to the natural surrounding of red cedar forests. the tree house is surrounded by a sea of red cedars.


The 11-metre-tall tree house is of the same height as its neighboring mature-age red cedars. The house is a superposition of seven rooms as large as six to nine square meters, i.e., the entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the living room and the landscape room. The two sets of bedrooms and bathrooms are separated by the entrance hall, thus available for two families to live in at the same time without disturbing one another. The living room and the landscape room are built at the top of the house as public space. All seven rooms are connected by a spiral staircase in the center.

Built by Bengo Architects 

Located in Anhui, China. Photographs: Chen Hao, Courtesy of Bengo Studio