Minimal Is A State Of Mind

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Think exposed pipes, open cabinet storage, concrete, wood and glass. We tend to over complicate things - the more the better. Reality is we need very little. Just as much luxury can be found in minimalistic living, if that's what your going for - it also comes with less chaos. Minimal 'decor' creates a sharp, simple space that most commonly features white elements, cold lighting, large space with minimum objects and furniture. Minimal objects being the key element. Most of us to some extent have a hidden hoarder within; sentiment is one thing, junk is another. Understanding what you really need is the 'mind set' to minimalistic living. We don't need 6 sets of dinnerware, endless kitchen accessories and clothing items that haven't seen light in over 5 years. This excess creates clutter - not only physical, but also mental; attaching yourself to these, quite literally, useless items. To think minimalistic, think quality over quantity in every aspect of your life and simply, simplify.