Haus Rüscher By OLKRÜF


Woodland and sloping meadows surround this Nordic-inspired concrete home in the mountains of Western Austria. Selectively isolated away from any nearby villages, the house is designed as two self-suficient pods impacting the countryside as little as possible. The outer shell of each structure is comprised of a single casting of concrete - the most complicated endeavour of this construction - and was chosen by the architect to reference the solid volume of the surrounding mountains. The first of the two buildings consists of an open kitchen and wood fireplace, living rooms and bedrooms while the smaller structure acts as a guest house, sauna and shower room. The interiors are comprised of exposed, sandblasted concrete with the floors and ceilings being clad in faded elm boards. Overly large windows were chosen to contrast the delicate harshness of the concrete, and allow the inhabitants to seamlessly blend into the mountain and forest landscape.