Apple Season : Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple season means bushels of local apples. If you plan on trying to make your own very organic apple cider you will also need to plan on making a few apple pies, tarts or crisps or whatever will leave you with a fair amount of apple peels and cores; Save those cores and peels and put them into a medium-large bowl. The exact amount of apples you use isn't important - the peel and cores from about 5-8 apples will do for one batch. Add enough water in your bowl to cover the peels and cores by 2 inches. Add a 1/4 cup of sugar into the mixture and place a plate directly into the liquid to ensure the apple scraps stay submerged - weigh down the plate with a small bowl. Cover everything with a tea towel to keep the flies out and let sit for a week. Check occasionally - you will see some surface mould forming - which is OK and a good sign everything is working. Spoon off any mould you see and discard it. After a week strain the apples and pour the soon-to-be-vinegar into a canning jar fitted with a square of cheesecloth and canning lid. The cheese cloth allows the vinegar to breath as well as keeps the metal from corroding. Place the sealed jars in the pantry or cool cupboard for  6 weeks and you will have apple cider vinegar. 


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