Make Your Own Infused Vodka


Infusing vodka gives an untouchable flavour to any cocktail; and is one of the more simple things to put together. Just choose your vodka (try Rain Organic Vodka), your flavours, and a few air-tight jars for the infusing process. For a lighter flavour, 4-8 hours infusing works, leave your flavours in for an extended number of days for a stronger flavour. Check regularly for taste. When ready, strain your vodka and return it to a bottle.

Grapefruit Tarragon Infused Vodka: Cut one pink or red grapefruit into 1/2 inch slices. Place 2-3 grapefruit slices into your jar with a few sprigs of tarragon, and cover with vodka. Shake and let sit until it reaches desired flavour. 

Basil Lemon Vodka: Cut 3-4 thin lemon slices and place in jar with 4-5 basil leaves. Cover with vodka and let sit until reaches the desired flavour. (Gives great flavour if left overnight - 12-14 hours)

Bourbon Vanilla Vodka: Delicately slice two bourbon vanilla beans down the centre. Open the beans to expose the flavour and place into your jar with vodka. Let sit no longer than 2 days as the flavour can become overpowering. 

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