Make Butter Like A Boss


Homemade anything gives you a greater sense of appreciation for the simple things - like butter. Butter, in reality is just a fancy version of whipped cream. To make butter you will need:

Fresh cream, preferably raw. If you can't access this, you can use store-bought organic. 

1 tbsp organic buttermilk

The final step. At this point, you can stop whipping. Remove the chunks from the liquid. 

The final step. At this point, you can stop whipping. Remove the chunks from the liquid. 


Combine the cream and buttermilk in a large bowl, and let sit for 8 hours. This is part of the 'culture' process, where the bacteria in the buttermilk convert the milk sugars into lactic acid. This fermentation gives a more complex flavour to the butter. Next step: whip. Place your mixture into your stand mixer or food processor (if you're really ambitious you can attempt it by hand) and whip. You will pass several stages, and depending on your ingredients used, times will vary. The steps you go through however, will be similar. You will see: cream, whipped cream, thick whipped cream, thick whipped cream with lumps, liquid with 'small chunks' floating in it (no longer resembles whipped cream), big 'chunks' of butter in a milky liquid. At this point, stop whipping. Remove the chunks of butter from the liquid and knead them together until combined. Run under cold water and massage and knead the butter for three minutes, or until the buttermilk is no longer running out of the butter. You'll notice the buttermilk has a milk-like colour; it's important to get as much buttermilk out of the butter as possible, as this will cause it to spoil quickly. At this point, the butter can be eaten, salted, or frozen. Simply wrap the butter ball up in a small piece of parchment to store or tuck it into a bag in the freezer for preservation.


Reblogged from The Elliot Homestead - Photo credit: Shaye Elliot, Author of From Scratch