A Green-er Christmas


Each year over 50 million pre-cut Christmas Trees are purchased in North America alone, and of these 30 million end up in landfills. These trees grow anywhere from 6-8 years to be used one season and then be disposed of; the biggest waste of a resource. At least put in some old fashioned work and use it as firewood; if you have no use for firewood we guarantee you know someone that does. An alternative is to purchase a potted pine, small to medium size. This tree can be used as a regular cut tree; the only difference is it won't dry out. After the season transfer your tree to a larger pot, depending on the size you may be able to use the same tree for the next Christmas, otherwise resort to planting this tree in your backyard, or nearby forested area and purchase a new, live potted tree the next year. If even a quarter of pre-cut tree buyers would resort to buying and re-planting potted trees, that would equal 25 million new evergreens annually.