Kitchen Sprouts


When winter takes your garden, you can still access fresh, organically grown garden spouts.

You'll need:

2 Small bags, apx. 2.2oz each, of organic seeds (we recommend Peas, Broccoli or Radish seeds)

2 Small, strainable dishes

1 Medium Container, with filtered water (that will fit both dishes)

Place 2.2oz of each type of seed into your strainable dish (keep pea sprouts with pea sprouts, broccoli with broccoli etc). Place dishes with seeds into the larger container and fill with about 1 1/2 cups of filtered water, or just until the water level reaches the tops of the seeds. Put into a dark spot, sheltered from any light, for about 4-5 days. Check regularly as the sprouts do absorb water. Maintain the water level and the top of the seeds. When they have sprouted about 1.5cm they are ready to toss into any salad or stir fry.