KAMP Sofa by KamKam

KAMP, a foldable sofa, is designed in response to a modern lifestyle for a temporary stay. The seat top can be separated from the bottom and rolled up while the bottom folds easily, making the item mobile and perfect for outdoor ventures or extended travels. 

The designers have made it is possible to enjoy the comfort of a real sofa big enough to comfortably sit two. The seat at the top of the sofa is easily separated from the remaining part of the sofa and then rolled up into a smaller volume more suitable for carrying. The bottom grid-like structure simply folds and fits into a simple bag.

Every part of the KAMP sofa is lightweight, allowing this product to be, in the designers’ own words ‘a foldable sofa, designed in response to a modern lifestyle or for a temporary stay’.

KAMKAM is a design group located in Seoul.

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