Muddling Kale : The Sustainable Juicer

Photos Courtesy Of  The Mason Shaker 

Photos Courtesy Of The Mason Shaker 

If your New Years resolution was to get healthy and live more sustainably we've got you covered in a 'two birds with one stone' kind of way. Muddling kale can produce a similar effect as putting the vegetable through a juicer - without losing all the good bits and without using any electrical appliances. Sounds good to us. Kale on its own isn't the most palatable - so simply add:

Fresh squeezed juice of 1 lemon 

1 tsp grated, fresh, ginger

Cane sugar (optional, to taste)

Fresh apple cider 

Start by muddling 3-4 large leaves of organic kale in your Mason Shaker - add in the lemon juice to make your job easier. Keep grinding until you've reached a paste - or until your arms get sore. Add in the apple cider, ginger and sugar (if desired) and mix. Put the top on the Mason Shaker, add ice (if desired), and shake away. Additionally you can shake without ice, and simply serve through the built-in strainer on the rocks. Either way it's sustainable goodness in a glass. 


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