Joffre Lakes Trail, Pemberton BC


Renown as one of BC's most beautiful trails, Joffre Lake in Pemberton really puts the beautiful in beautiful British Columbia. The 11km trail is (unlike some other alpine lake trails) easily accessible, beginning just off the Duffey Lake Road parking. The trail begins to your left and does not disappoint; you will reach the first of the three glacial lakes within minutes. This intermediate trail is about 2.5hours to the turquoise waters of the Upper Joffre Lake, which sits majestically below the glacier in a scenic picturesque setting. Though the trail can be completed there and back in about 5 hours, we recommend camping at the Upper Joffre Lake Campsite, situated at the foot of the upper lake. The summer sunset behind the glacier will make hauling your gear up well worth your while.

 Directions To Joffre Lake Trail