A Touch Of Green; Indoor Spring Gardening For Small Spaces

Small spaces don't always provide ample room for indoor gardening. And whether there is or isn't room, bulky planters aren't always desired indoors. The Scandinavian inspired Sky Planters are a great way to ease into spring gardening - absolutely no green thumb required. With endless options to plant edibles right in your kitchen such as rosemary, fennel, mint, parsley, strawberries, basil, thyme and even red chillies. Enjoy your organic, local mini-mart. 

 Via  8footsix

The versatile planters can also be used as a base to start your plants before transferring them outdoors; with the added bonus that once planted each Sky Planter is self watering and made entirely from recycled plastics. And while it is only a small step on the sustainability ladder, growing your own herbs not only promotes healthy eating while supporting the 'real food' movement, but also shines light on eating (very) local and seasonal. 

Get your Sky Planter here.