How To Use A Compass


We live in a day and age where most turn to their GPS to get anywhere. Travelling to their dinner destination or finding their backcountry camp spot. This maybe a long shot but - Do you know how to correctly use a compass? It is amazing how many people can't answer that question, or are under false impression of their abilities, and struggle to even hold a compass correctly if put to the test. Our navigating tasks and the ability to use a traditional map and compass is fading fast; and almost non-existent with younger generations. Some argue there is no more need for these 'outdated' tools, we argue quite the opposite. Though we do not deny the possibilities GPS have created, they somehow remain untrustworthy on their own. A compass and map used in conjunction with a GPS device can make both pieces of equipment much more efficient. And if for whatever reason you're found in a survival situation your map will never run out batteries.  

Learn The Basics