How To Make Citronella Candles


If one of your favourite things in the summer is a warm night outside, then likely one of your least favourite is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Making your own citronella candle is extremely simple, and extremely effective. Ideal for patios, down at the beach, lakeside or camping - Light one anywhere you wish to naturally keep insect free.

You'll need:
Containers for your candles (mason jars or tin cans work)

Wax (store bought, or used old candle ends)

Waxed Wicks

Citronella Essential Oil (1 oz per lb of wax)


Assemble a double boiler and add your wax and/or old candles in small pieces. Heat over medium heat until the wax is completely melted. When the wax is melted, add in 1 oz of citronella per lb of wax. Feel free to add other fragrances at this point, like pine, peppermint or eucalyptus which also repel insects. Glue the wick to the bottom of the jar, to keep in place. Let me wax cool slightly, and pour carefully into your container. Gently maneuver the wick to keep it in place. Cool your candles in a warm place; slow cooling provides better looking results. If you get a depressed area around the wick, warm some more wax and pour it around the area. Allow your candle to cure for 48 hours before burning.