How To Grow Rosemary From Cuttings


Rosemary is a renown ancient herb that isn't only good for making a delicious roast chicken. Over hundreds of years of use, rosemary has been effectively used to improve memory, as a mood elevator, migraine prevention, enhances circulation, is an antibacterial and immune booster. Growing it is simple enough, and you'll never need to buy store-bought again, whether planting indoors or out. Choose the healthiest looking sprigs of rosemary and take cuttings (from store-bought rosemary or from a fresh bush), about 15 - 20cm long. Remove the leaves from the bottom of each stem, about 4cm up the cutting. Place the stems in a clear glass of water; only put enough water to cover the bottom of the stem. Don't cover the leaves of the cutting. Place the glass on a sunny windowsill, while the waiting game begins. The cuttings will eventually begin to sprout roots (about two weeks); continue filling with water as needed. Once the root system is well-established transfer it to a pot, with minimum 4-5 inches soil depth, in or outdoors.  

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