How To Grow Figs


There isn't much better than picking a fresh fig still warm from the sun on a late summer's evening. Amazing in salads, roasted, stuffed or as a side for several meats, figs are highly nutritious and highly versatile fruits that require very little maintenance to grow - Who new you could harvest fresh figs in the Pacific Northwest? The F. carica 'Brunswick' is a robust plant that gives fruit with light-green skin and sweet pink flesh ripening in early August. A fig tree will succeed best in a sheltered position in full sun. A south or south-west facing wall is ideal for growing a fig tree. It is essential that the roots are contained and not allowed to spread. Left to its own, the tree will make vigorous root-growth instead of producing a good crop of fruit. To do this most effectively you can choose to plant your tree next to a wall, where root run will be restricted, and line the three open sides of the hole with 60cm (2ft) square concrete paving slabs stood upright, so, with the wall, they form a square box. Add broken bricks or clean stone to the base of the hole for drainage. Plant your tree here, and cover with fresh soil-based compost or farmyard manure. With the roots confined, it will be essential to water your tree regularly, especially during the summer heat. 

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