How To Air Dry Herbs


Summer's over - that doesn't mean you have to rush to use all of your gardens herbs before they spoil. Drying herbs is so simple and effective; if stored correctly it is the best way to preserve the fresh flavour for all your winter cooking. Harvest your herbs in the morning, before the heat of the day has warmed them. Rinse and dry them of any debris. Group your herbs together, and tie the stems in small bundles and hang up-side down - a dry, dark area is ideal for drying, with an optimum temperature range of 26C-32C. Realistically, in fall we won't find these temperatures, so in cooler temperatures it may take up to a week or two to dry completely. Monitor the herbs daily. Once they are thoroughly dried, (crackly to the touch), separate the bundles and gently strip the leaves from the stems. Store your dried herbs in labeled airtight containers to best preserve their flavour.

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