Honoring The S'More; Everything You Need To Know About The Campfire Treat We Love



It seems like National S'Mores Day has crept up on us. While we're not a fan of always celebrating these national-something-days, we'll make an exception for this one. 

S'mores History 101: By the late 1800s, marshmallows changed to more or less how we know them now. The mallow plant extract (which had been used previously) was replaced by the more readily available gelatin, which is what keeps modern marshmallows together. By the 1890s, according to period newspaper reports, marshmallow roasts were the latest in summer fads. “The simplicity of this form of amusement is particularly charming,” reads a description of 1892. It's not until the 1920's however that there is any documented mention of the s'mores. In 1927 a recipe for s'mores (formally designated “some mores”) appeared in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

So let's dive in. What's a s'more? Basically a cookie sandwich prepared over a campfire. Most people know them in their basic form (sometimes simple is best no?); graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and chocolate. Put them together and there you have it. Personally, we like to change things up. Think bourbon marshmallows, flavored chocolates, adding raspberry jam, peanut or almond butter... we also recommend wrapping your s'more in tinfoil and re-roasting for a particularly decadent dessert. Our secret is to toast your marshmallow, assemble your s'more then wrap the whole thing in tinfoil, place it above the coals - in direct heat but no flame - for about 2-3 minutes. Take off the heat and let the foil cool down, then slowly peel it open for chocolatey, gooey goodness. 

In short, the list goes on of how you can creatively manipulate this classic. Nevermind the endless recipe adaptations that can be found online - like these baked S'Mores Chocolate Doughnuts by Blue Bowl Recipes. Need we say more? They're relatively easy to make, and a great way to honor this fireside treat. Find the full recipe here.

Photo by Stephanie Simmons of Blue Bowl Recipes.  Full recipe here .

Photo by Stephanie Simmons of Blue Bowl Recipes. Full recipe here.