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Chicago City Hall Rooftop Garden

Chicago City Hall Rooftop Garden

From the Vikings to 18th century farm houses in Norway, green roofs have been spotted throughout history. A green roof refers to a living roof that has been completely covered in growing vegetation. The structured greens are planted over a waterproof membrane and may also include a drainage system, irrigation and a root barrier. Currently, in Germany 10% of rooftops have been 'greened' and this process is becoming increasingly popular in North America. These roofs protect against weather extremes, absorb carbon dioxide and can triple the lifespan of a roof. In downtown areas buildings absorb radiated heat from the sun, an effect known as the urban heat island effect, causing core cities to be up to 4 degress Celcius hotter than surrounding rural areas - Green roofs have proven to remain up to 5 degrees cooler than regular buildings. 'Greening' a roof also increases the insulation values of a building or home by up to 30% in both summer and winter seasons while also providing a natural habitat for insects and birds as well as potential for local food production in limited city space. For edible gardens grow anything from leafy greens, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and kale. Remodel your home with sustainability in mind. 

Estimated Costs: $15 - $20/sq ft (vs conventional roofs at $6 - $12/sq ft) *Prices on average.

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