Gränsfors Bruks : Hunters Axe


Since 1902 Gränsfors Bruks has been producing some of the finest Swedish axes. These axes were slowly developed from just forestry axes into specialized tools for specific purposes. Each Gränsfors axe is as good as its smith; unnecessary grinding, stoning, epoxy and painting are eliminated. Each tool is built to last, as quality and durability ensures less waste and a more sensible production. The Hunters Axe is specially made for the hunter. A thinner, and gently rounded poll have been forged to create a Flay Poll that can be used effectively for skinning. The axe itself is good for chopping wood and flesh, with a circular-grooved handle to ensure steady grip even when your hands are wet. 3 1/4" face and a 19" authentic hickory handle with a 1 1/2 lb head-weight. It comes with a grain-leather sheath.

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