"Grandpa Jakes" Campfire Cooker


Handcrafted in the mountains of North Idaho, this heavy-duty campfire cooker was inspired by the cowboy lifestyle, with a call for great food served up on the grill. The design is entirely gravity bound, with easy set up and compact, portable takedown. Made to move up and down at 360˚ degrees in any direction for easy movement. The Campfire Cooker comes with two handheld “campfire remotes”; these remotes help move the grates, arms, and hooks where you need them, so you never touch anything hot. Extremely durable and weight resistant; perfect for dutch over cooking, large pots of smokey bean chilli or even a pot of mulled wine to warm up in the winter. Includes 2 cooking grates, 1 hook arm, 1 ground rod and 2 campfire remotes. Made in the USA from hot rolled steel.

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